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Japanese Maple

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Butterfly Variegated Japanese Maple

Emerald Lace Japanese Maple

Inaba Shidare Cutleaf Japanese Maple

Weeping Japanese Maple

Red Dragon Japanese Maple

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

Emperor I Japanese Maple

Red Maple

Brandywine Red Maple

October Glory Red Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple

River Birch

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud (tree form)

Forest Pansy Redbud

Merlot Redbud

Oklahoma Redbud

Texas White Redbud

Texas Redbud

Desert Willow

Sanguinelli Blood Orange

Washington Navel Orange

Red Star Red Grass Tree

Flowering Dogwood

Cloud 9 Flowering Dogwood

Red Flowering Dogwood

White Cloud Flowering Dogwood

American Smoketree

Leyland Cypress

Arizona Cypress

Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress

Italian Cypress

Tiny Tower® Italian Cypress

Australian Tree Fern

Japanese Persimmon

Fuyu Japanese Persimmon

Japanese Blueberry Tree

Weeping Fig

Common Fig

Brown Turkey Fig

Celeste Fig

Mission Fig

Rubber Tree

Burgundy Rubber Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fan-Tex Ash


Mary Nell Holly

Nellie R. Stevens Holly

Brodie Redcedar

Arapaho Crapemyrtle

Basham's Party Pink Crapemyrtle

Choctaw Crapemyrtle

Muskogee Crapemyrtle

Natchez Crapemyrtle

Tuscarora Crapemyrtle

Kiowa Japanese Crapemyrtle

Centennial Spirit Crapemyrtle

Dallas Red Crapemyrtle

Sarah's Favorite Crapemyrtle

Dynamite® Crapemyrtle

Bay Laurel

Chinese Fan Palm

Southern Magnolia

Bracken's Brown Beauty Magnolia

Claudia Wannamaker Southern Magnolia

D.D. Blanchard Magnolia

Little Gem Magnolia

Teddy Bear® Magnolia


Saucer Magnolia

Fuji Apple

Gala Apple

Golden Delicious Apple

Granny Smith Apple

Honeycrisp Apple

Red Delicious Apple

Southern Wax Myrtle

Southern Wax Myrtle

Arbequina European Olive

Loblolly Pine

Chinese Pistache

Mexican Sycamore


Japanese Yew

Ozark Premier Plum

Santa Rosa Plum

Bing Cherry

Common Peach

Belle Of Georgia Peach

Dixie Red Peach

Elberta Peach

Hale Haven Peach

Indian Free Peach

June Gold Peach

Redhaven Peach

Redskin Peach

Kieffer Pear

Anjou Pear

Bartlett Pear

Moonglow Pear

20th Century Pear

Southern Red Oak

Bur Oak

Chinkapin Oak

Nuttall Oak

Red Oak

Shumard Oak

Southern Live Oak

Majesty Palm

Eve's Necklace

Pond Cypress

Lindsey's Skyward Bald Cypress

Windmill Palm

Cedar Elm

Lacebark Elm

Mexican Fan Palm


Glossy Abelia

Canyon Creek Abelia

Edward Goucher Abelia

Francis Mason Abelia

Twist of Lemon™ Glossy Abelia

Miss Lemon™ Abelia

Twist of Lime™ Glossy Abelia

Kaleidoscope® Abelia

Little Richard Glossy Abelia

Radiance™ Abelia

Rose Creek Abelia

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

Fireglow Japanese Maple

Skeeter's Broom Dwarf Japanese Maple

Waterfall Japanese Maple

Desert Rose

Century Plant

Variegated American Agave

Ocahui Agave

Whale's Tongue Century Plant

Parry's Agave

Parry's Agave

Rough Agave

Hedgehog Agave

Golden Butterfly Golden Trumpet

Indigo Bush


Japanese Aucuba

Gold Dust Aucuba

Raspberry Ice Bougainvillea

Butterfly Bush

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Nanho White Butterfly Bush

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

White Profusion Butterfly Bush

Green Mountain Boxwood (pyramid form)

Japanese Boxwood

Baby Gem™ Boxwood

Wintergreen Boxwood

Common Boxwood

Common Boxwood (spiral)

Common Boxwood (tree form)

Newport Blue Boxwood

American Beautyberry

Crimson Bottlebrush

Winter's Star Camellia

Japanese Camellia

Dr. Tinsley Camellia

Kramer's Supreme Camellia

Kramer's Supreme Camellia

White By The Gate Camellia

October Magic® Orchid™ Camellia

Shishigashira Camellia

Sparkling Burgundy Camellia

Yuletide Camellia

Taylor's Perfection Camellia

Japanese Plum Yew

Dwarf Japanese Plum Yew

Yewtopia® Plum Yew

Prostrate Japanese Plum Yew

Ruby Falls Redbud

Traveller Weeping Redbud

Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince

Mediterranean Fan Palm

Satsuma Mandarin Orange

Meyer Lemon

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Japanese Cleyera

Red Sensation Grass Palm

Red Sister Hawaiian Ti Plant

Silver Dollar Plant

Jade Plant

Hobbit Jade Plant

Variegated Jade Plant

Miniature Pine Tree

Cigar Flower

Allyson Mexican Heather

Firecracker Plant

Bat Face Cuphea

Japanese Sago Palm

Desert Spoon

Texas Mountain Laurel

Coppertone™ Evergreen Distylium

Linebacker™ Evergreen Distylium

Cinnamon Girl® Evergreen Distylium

Vintage Jade Witch Hazel

Sapphire Showers Duranta



Crown Of Thorns

Sonnenschein African Bush Daisy

Japanese Fatsia

Spider's Web Japanese Fatsia

Pineapple Guava

Little Miss Figgy Fig


August Beauty Gardenia

Frost Proof Hardy Gardenia

Jubilation™ Gardenia

ScentAmazing™ Gardenia

Sweet Tea™ Gardenia

Curry Plant

Jeanne D'Arc Rose Of Sharon

Annabelle Hydrangea

Endless Summer® Hydrangea

Big Daddy Hydrangea

Merritt's Supreme Hydrangea

Nikko Blue Hydrangea

Twist-n-Shout® Hydrangea

Bloomstruck® Hydrangea

Sister Theresa Hydrangea

Let's Dance® Blue Jangles® Hydrangea

Dear Dolores™ Hydrangea

Quick Fire® Hydrangea

Pinky Winky® Hydrangea

Pee Gee Hydrangea

Bobo® Hydrangea

Little Lime® Hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea

Phantom Hydrangea

Pink Diamond Hydrangea

Little Quick Fire® Hydrangea

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

Snow Queen Hydrangea

Blue Bird Hydrangea

Christmas Jewel Holly

Carissa Holly

Dwarf Burford Chinese Holly

Needlepoint Chinese Holly

Japanese Holly

Compact Japanese Holly

Sky Pencil Japanese Holly

Soft Touch Japanese Holly

Steeds Japanese Holly

Possum Haw

Yaupon Holly

Dwarf Yaupon Holly

Weeping Yaupon Holly

Pride Of Houston Yaupon Holly

Eagleston Holly

Savannah Holly

Blue Point Juniper

Sea Green Juniper

Spartan Juniper

Hollywood Juniper

Blue Pacific Shore Juniper

Blue Rug Juniper

Wichita Blue Juniper

Wichita Blue Juniper (spiral)

Blue Star Juniper

Shrimp Plant

Black Diamond® Red Hot™ Crapemyrtle

Caddo Crapemyrtle

Delta Jazz® Crapemyrtle

Hopi Crapemyrtle

Miami Crapemyrtle

Pocomoke Crapemyrtle

Sioux Crapemyrtle

Tonto Crapemyrtle

Zuni Crapemyrtle


Baton Rouge Crapemyrtle

Catawba Crapemyrtle

Delta Moonlight™ Crapemyrtle

Raspberry Dazzle Crapemyrtle

Twilight Crapemyrtle

Victor Crapemyrtle

Pink Velour Crapemyrtle

Red Rocket Crapemyrtle

New Gold Lantana


Bandana® Lemon Squeeze™ Mix Lantana

Bandana® Lemon Zest Lantana

Bandana® Peach Lantana

Bandana® Pink Lantana

Bandana® Red Lantana

Bandana® Rose Lantana

Bandana® Cherry Lantana

Dallas Red Lantana

Irene Lantana

Landscape Bandana® Red Lantana

Lucky™ Red Flame Lantana

Lucky™ Sunrise Rose Lantana

Lucky™ White Lantana

New Gold Lantana

White Gold Lantana

Purple Trailing Lantana

Spreading Radiation Lantana

Purple Trailing Lantana

English Lavender

Hidcote Lavender

Munstead Lavender

Fernleaf Lavender

Spanish Lavender

Silver Anouk Spanish Lavender

Texas Sage

Compact Texas Sage

Desperado® Texas Sage

Green Cloud Texas Sage

Silverado Texas Sage

Sunshine Privet

Common Privet

Emerald Snow® Fringeflower

Chinese Fringeflower

Burgundy Fringeflower

Ever Red Fringeflower

Cherry Blast Fringeflower

Jazz Hands Variegated® Chinese Fringe-flower

Purple Pixie® Fringeflower

Crimson Fire™ Chinese Fringeflower

Plum Delight Chinese Fringeflower

Purple Daydream® Fringeflower

Ruby Chinese Fringeflower

Purple Diamond® Fringeflower

Red Diamond™ Fringeflower

Suzanne Chinese Fringeflower

Red-Flowered Chinese Fringeflower

Zhuzhou Fuchsia Chinese Fringeflower

Jane Magnolia

Leatherleaf Mahonia

Fortune's Mahonia

Turks Cap

Dwarf Myrtle


Blush Pink™ Nandina

Fire Power Nandina

Gulf Stream Dwarf Nandina

Lemon Lime Nandina

Flirt™ Nandina

Obsession™ Nandina


White Oleander

Hardy Red Oleander

Petite Pink Oleander

Ellisiana Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

Madagascar Palm

Golden Shrimp Plant

Rock Rose

Pygmy Date Palm

Bonsai Japanese Pieris

Variegated Chinese Mock Orange

Variegated Mock Orange

Wheeler's Dwarf Mock Orange

White Plumbago

Dark Blue Plumbago

Imperial Blue Plumbago


Dwarf Pomegranate

Wonderful Pomegranate

Indian Hawthorn

Clara Indian Hawthorn

Eleanor Taber™ Indian Hawthorn

Pink Lady Indian Hawthorn

Snow White Indian Hawthorn

Snowcap® Indian Hawthorn

Lady Palm

Encore® Autumn Bonfire™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Rouge™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Embers™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Royalty™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Coral™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Amethyst™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Cheer™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Bravo™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Monarch™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Twist™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Ruby™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Empress™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Carnival™ Azalea

Fashion Azalea

Encore® Autumn Moonlight™ Azalea

Mrs G.G. Gerbing Azalea

Pink Ruffles Azalea

Pride Of Mobile Azalea

Red Ruffles Azalea

Encore® Autumn Princess™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Carnation™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Chiffon™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Sangria™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Sundance™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Angel™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Sweetheart™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Debutante™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Starlite™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Sunset™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Belle™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Lilac™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Sunburst™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Jewel™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Ivory™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Lily™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Fire™ Azalea

Julia Child Rose

Coral Drift® Rose

Red Drift® Rose

Peach Drift® Rose

Pink Drift® Rose

Apricot Drift® Rose

Lemon Drift® Rose

White Drift® Rose

Popcorn Drift® Rose

Pink Knock Out® Rose

Rainbow Knock Out® Rose

Peachy Knock Out® Rose

Knock Out® Rose

Sunny Knock Out® Rose

Double Knock Out® Rose

Knock Out® Double Red Rose

White Knock Out® Rose

Blushing Knock Out® Rose

Arapaho Blackberry

Natchez Thornless Blackberry

Navaho Thornless Blackberry

Triple Crown Blackberry

Triple Crown Blackberry

Firecracker Plant

Mexican Bush Sage

Santa Barbara Mexican Sage

Purple Sage

Cotton Lavender

Dwarf Cotton Lavender

Double Reeves Spirea

Goldmound Spirea

Little Princess Spirea

Anthony Waterer Spirea

Goldflame Spirea

Persian Shield

Bells Of Fire™ Esperanza

Gold Star Esperanza

LeAnn™ Cleyera

Bronze Beauty Cleyera

Copper Crown Cleyera

Bigfoot Cleyera

Hetz Midget Arborvitae

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Lowbush Blueberry

Climax Rabbiteye Blueberry

Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry

Tifblue Rabbiteye Blueberry

Woodard Rabbiteye Blueberry

Coppertop™ Sweet Viburnum

Chaste Tree

Shoal Creek Chaste Tree

Blue Diddley® Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree

Faxon Yucca

Adam's Needle

Bright Edge Adam's Needle

Color Guard Adam's Needle

Hairy Adam's Needle

Spanish Dagger

Beaked Yucca

Sapphire Skies Yucca

Patio Trees

Pinky Winky® Hydrangea (tree form)

Limelight Hydrangea (tree form)

Dwarf Japanese garden Juniper (tree form)


Bear's Breeches

Little Moonshine Yarrow

Moonshine Yarrow

New Vintage Violet Yarrow

New Vintage Red Yarrow

New Vintage Rose Yarrow

New Vintage White Yarrow

Kiwi Aeonium

Midnight Blue Agapanthus

Neverland Agapanthus

Snowball Agapanthus

Peter Pan Agapanthus

Queen Anne Agapanthus

Getty White Agapanthus

Queen Mum Agapanthus

Arizona Sandstone Hyssop

Arizona Sun Hyssop

Arizona Sunset Hyssop

Blue Glow Agave

Sharkskin Agave

Mint Chip Bugleweed

Common Bugleweed

Black Scallop Bugleweed

Bronze Beauty Bugleweed

Burgundy Glow Bugleweed

Caitlin's Giant Bugleweed

Chocolate Chip Bugleweed

Silver Queen Bugleweed

Millenium Ornamental Onion

Elephant's Ear

Borneo Giant Elephant's Ear

Blue Elf Aloe

Hedgehog Aloe

Aloe Vera

Purple Prince Alternanthera

Brazilian Red Hots Alternanthera

AngelMist® Dark Rose Angelonia

AngelMist® Plum Deep Angelonia

AngelMist® Purple Angelonia

AngelMist® Purple Stripe Angelonia

AngelMist® Spreading Blue Angelonia

AngelMist® Spreading Purple Angelonia

AngelMist® White Angelonia

Archangel™ Dark Purple Angelonia

Archangel™ Deep Plum Angelonia

Archangel™ Light Pink Angelonia

Archangel™ Orchid Pink Angelonia

AngelMist® Dark Pink Angelonia

AngelMist® Spreading Dark Purple Angelonia

AngelMist® Spreading Pink Angelonia

AngelMist® Spreading Bluebird Angelonia

AngelMist® Spreading White Angelonia

Archangel™ Raspberry Angelonia

Archangel™ Pink Angelonia

Archangel™ Purple Angelonia

Archangel™ Dark Rose Angelonia

Archangel™ White Angelonia

Serena White Angelonia

Serenita Raspberry Angelonia

Serenita Purple Angelonia

Serenita White Angelonia

Serena Lavender Angelonia

Serenita Blue Angelonia

Serenita Lavender Pink Angelonia

Serenita Pink Angelonia

Serenita Sky Blue Angelonia

Liberty™ Classic Bronze Snapdragon

Liberty™ Classic Crimson Snapdragon

Liberty™ Classic Pink Snapdragon

Liberty™ Classic Rose Pink Snapdragon

Liberty™ Classic Scarlet Snapdragon

Liberty™ Classic Yellow Snapdragon

Snapshot™ Pink Snapdragon

Snapshot™ Purple Snapdragon

Snapshot™ Red Snapdragon

Snapshot™ Yellow Snapdragon

Twinny Peach Snapdragon

Twinny Yellow Snapdragon

Origami Red and White Columbine

Kirigami™ Deep Blue and White Columbine

Powis Castle Artemesia

French Tarragon

Silver Mound Artemesia

Dusty Miller

Sage Brush

Red Butterfly Milkweed

Asparagus Fern

Myers Foxtail Fern

Sprengeri Asparagus Fern

Foxtail Fern

Cast Iron Plant

October Skies Aster

Decadence® Blueberry Sundae False Indigo

Decadence® Deluxe Pink Lemonade False Indigo

Decadence® Vanilla Cream False Indigo

Cocktail® Gin® Begonia

Cocktail® Vodka Begonia

Cocktail® Whiskey® Begonia

Dragon Wing® Pink Begonia

Dragon Wing® Red Begonia

Whopper® Red Bronze Leaf Begonia

Whopper® Rose Bronze Leaf Begonia

Jack Frost Bugloss

Jack of Diamonds Bugloss

Stalked Bulbine

Orange Stalked Bulbine

Aaron Caladium

Candidum Caladium

Candidum Jr. Caladium

Carolyn Whorton Caladium

Creamsickle Caladium

Fannie Munson Caladium

Frieda Hemple Caladium

Miss Muffet Caladium

Moonlight Caladium

Red Flash Caladium

White Christmas Caladium

Elephant's Ear

Drummond's Sundrops

Hartweg's Sundrops

Cannova® Bronze Scarlet Canna

Cannova® Red Shades Canna

Cannova® Rose Canna

Cannova® Yellow Canna

Cora® Apricot Vinca

Cora® Cascade Apricot Vinca

Cora® Cascade Cherry Vinca

Cora® Cascade Magenta Vinca

Cora® Deep Lavender Vinca

Cora® Purple Eye Vinca

Cora® Red Vinca

Cora® Strawberry Vinca

Cora® White Vinca

Jams 'N Jellies™ Blackberry Vinca

Soiree® Kawaii Coral Vinca

Soiree® Kawaii Double Pink Vinca

Sunstorm® Red Halo Vinca


Tabitha Chrysanthemum

Ursula™ Lavender Chrysanthemum

Variegated Croton

Elephant Ear

Black Beauty Elephant Ear

Royal Hawaiian® Black Coral Elephant Ear

Black Magic Elephant Ear

Royal Hawaiian® Hawaiian Punch Elephant Ear

Royal Hawaiian® Maui Gold Elephant Ear

Royal Hawaiian® White Lava Elephant Ear

Giant Elephant Ear

UpTick™ Cream and Red Tickseed

UpTick™ Gold and Bronze Tickseed

UpTick™ Yellow and Red Tickseed

Cosmic Eye Tickseed

Jethro Tull Tickseed

Mercury Rising Tickseed

Dwarf Tickseed

Sunfire Tickseed

Broad Street Tickseed

Campfire Crassula

Airplane Plant

Watch Chain Crassula

String Of Buttons


Wheels of Wonder™ Golden Wonder Ice Plant

Hardy Ice Plant

Purple Ice Plant

Summer Nights Delphinium

Variegated Flax Lily

Bath's Pink Pinks

Fire Star Pinks

Telstar Salmon Pinks

Sweet William

Cheddar Pinks

Firewitch Pinks


Bleeding Heart

Silver Falls™ Dichondra

Camelot Cream Foxglove

Camelot Lavender Foxglove

Black Prince Echeveria

Perle Von Nurnberg Echeveria

Topsy Turvy Echeveria

Mexican Fire Cracker

Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower

PowWow White Coneflower

PowWow Wild Berry Coneflower

Golden Barrel Cactus


Blue Glitter Sea Holly

Mini Tuft Red Pineapple Lily

Joe Pye Weed

Ascot Rainbow Variegated Spurge

Leopard Plant

Variegated Leopard Plant

Giant Leopard Plant

Everbearing Strawberry

Quinault Strawberry

Arizona Apricot Blanket Flower

Arizona Red Shades Blanket Flower

Arizona Sun Blanket Flower

Belleza® Gaura

Belleza® Dark Pink Gaura

Belleza® White Gaura

Whirling Butterflies Gaura

Dakota Gold Sneezeweed

Happy Days Sunflower

Bleeding Hearts False Sunflower

Merlin Hellebore

Pine Knot Select Hellebore

Barbara Mitchell Daylily

Buttered Popcorn Daylily

Desert Flame Daylily

Frans Hals Daylily

Funny Valentine Daylily

Happy Ever Appster® Happy Returns Daylily

Joan Senior Daylily

Little Business Daylily

Purple de Oro Daylily

Happy Ever Appster® Red Hot Returns Daylily

Stella de Oro Daylily

Yangtze Daylily

Red Yucca

Black Pearl Coral Bells

Caramel Coral Bells

Citronelle Coral Bells

Delta Dawn Coral Bells

Fire Alarm Coral Bells

Forever® Purple Coral Bells

Georgia Peach Coral Bells

Ginger Peach Coral Bells

Glitter Coral Bells

Kira Evergreen Forest Coral Bells

Midnight Rose Coral Bells

Obsidian Coral Bells

Plum Pudding Coral Bells

Red Lightning Coral Bells

Southern Comfort Coral Bells

Tokyo Coral Bells

Wild Rose Coral Bells

Palace Purple Coral Bells

Stoplight Foamy Bells

Luna™ Red Hibiscus

Luna™ White Hibiscus

Shadowland® Autumn Frost Hosta

Big Daddy Hosta

Blue Angel Hosta

Blue Mammoth Hosta

Earth Angel Hosta

Shadowland® Empress Wu Hosta

First Frost Hosta

Flavocircinalis Hosta

Frosted Jade Hosta

Golden Tiara Hosta

Guacamole Hosta

Hi Ho Silver Hosta

Shadowland® Hudson Bay Hosta

Krossa Regal Hosta

Liberty Hosta

Patriot Hosta

Royal Standard Hosta

So Sweet Hosta

Stained Glass Hosta

Sum and Substance Hosta

Vulcan Hosta

Wide Brim Hosta

Pink Ice Candytuft

Summer Snowdrift Candytuft


Bernice's Legacy Iris

Clarence Iris

Harvest Of Memories Iris

Renown Iris

Spicy Cajun Iris

Paddle Plant

Flapjacks Kalanchoe

Panda Plant

Lemon Popsicle™ Torchlily

Mango Popsicle™ Torchlily

Redhot Popsicle™ Torchlily

Leopard Plant

Fire Alarm Lily

Giant Lily Turf

Lily Turf

Aztec Grass Lily Turf

Big Blue Lily Turf

Variegata Lily Turf

Silver Dragon Lily Turf

Silver Dragon Lily Turf

Techno® Blue Lobelia

Techno® Dark Blue Lobelia

Techno® Electric Blue Lobelia

Techno® Violet Lobelia

Techno® White Lobelia

Texas Bluebonnet

Goldilocks Creeping Jenny

Inkblot Mangave


Corsican Mint

Dutch Master Daffodil

Ice Follies Daffodil


Prickly Pear Cactus

Purple Shamrock

Green Sheen Japanese Spurge

Karl Rosenfeld Peony

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

Champagne Bubbles Poppy

Caliente Coral Geranium

Caliente Dark Rose Geranium

Caliente Deep Red Geranium

Caliente Fire Geranium

Caliente Hot Coral Geranium

Caliente Lavender Geranium

Caliente® Magenta Geranium

Caliente Orange Geranium

Caliente Pink Geranium

Caliente Rose Geranium

Dynamo Bright Lilac Geranium

Dynamo Dark Salmon Geranium

Dynamo Hot Pink Geranium

Dynamo Light Pink Geranium

Dynamo Purple Geranium

Dynamo Red Geranium

Dynamo Salmon Geranium

Dynamo Scarlet Geranium

Dynamo Strawberry Geranium

Dynamo Violet Geranium

Dynamo White Geranium

Maverick Appleblossom Geranium

Maverick Rose Geranium

Maverick Scarlet Picotee Geranium

Maverick Star Geranium

Butterfly™ Lavender Shades Star Flower

Butterfly™ Pink Star Flower

Butterfly™ White Star Flower

Graffiti® Lipstick Star Flower

Graffiti® Pink Star Flower

Graffiti® Rose Star Flower

Graffiti® Violet Star Flower

Graffiti® White Star Flower

Lucky Star® Pink Star Flower

Butterfly™ Orchid Star Flower

Butterfly™ Deep Pink Star Flower

Butterfly™ Light Lavender Star Flower

Butterfly™ Red Star Flower

Butterfly™ Deep Rose Star Flower

Russian Sage

Crazy Blue Russian Sage

Jerusalem Sage

Fashionably Early Crystal Garden Phlox

Fashionably Early Flamingo Garden Phlox

Fashionably Early Princess Garden Phlox

Mona Lavender Swedish Ivy

Country Borage

Hairy Mountain Mint

Goldsturm Coneflower

Indian Summer Coneflower

Mexican Petunia

Pink Mexican Petunia

Purple Showers Mexican Petunia

Fringed Rue

Scotch Moss

Mystic Spires Blue Sage

Desperado Sage

Skyscraper™ Dark Purple Salvia

Skyscraper™ Pink Salvia

Mystic Spires Sage

Wendy's Wish Sage

Lady In Red Sage

Pineapple Sage

Pineapple Sage

Augusta Duelberg Salvia

Henry Duelberg Salvia

Victoria Blue Salvia

Autumn Sage

Mirage™ Hot Pink Autumn Sage

Coral Autumn Sage

Furman's Red Texas Sage

Lipstick Texas Sage

Pink Autumn Sage

Raspberry Autumn Sage

Hot Lips Sage

Blue Marvel Meadow Sage

Perfect Profusion Meadow Sage

Rose Marvel Meadow Sage

May Night Sage

Snow Hill Sage

Sunbini Creeping Zinnia

Pink Mist Pincushion Flower

Blue Fan Fan Flower

Surdiva Light Blue Fan Flower

Surdiva White Fan Flower

Baikal Skullcap

Texas Rose Pink Skullcap

Autumn Joy Stonecrop

Golden Moss Stonecrop

Baby Tears Stonecrop

Baby Tears Stonecrop

Coral Carpet Stonecrop

Oracle Stonecrop

Russian Stonecrop

Golden Stonecrop

Jelly Bean Plant

Angelina Stonecrop

Lemon Ball Stonecrop

Six Row Stonecrop

Dragon's Blood Stonecrop

John Creech Stonecrop

Coral Reef Chinese Sedum

Carmen Hens And Chicks

Commander Hay Hens And Chicks

Kalinda Hens And Chicks

Red Beauty Hens And Chicks

Sanford's Hybrid Hens And Chicks

Silverine Hens And Chicks

String Of Pearls

Blue Chalk Sticks

Blue Chalk Sticks Senecio

Premium Sun Chocolate Mint Coleus

Electric Lime Coleus

Kong Jr. Green Halo Coleus

Kong Mosaic Coleus

Kong Red Coleus

Kong Rose Coleus

Wasabi Coleus


Doone Valley Thyme


Elfin Creeping Thyme

Pink Chintz Creeping Thyme

Lavender Scented Thyme

Toad Lily

EnduraScape™ Dark Purple Verbena

EnduraScape™ Hot Pink Verbena

Empress Burgundy Verbena

Empress™ Burgundy Charme Verbena

Empress™ Dark Red Verbena

Empress™ Flair Burgundy Verbena

Empress™ Flair Dark Red Charme Verbena

Empress™ Flair Lavender Blue Verbena

Empress™ Flair Pink Charme Verbena

Empress™ Flair Red Verbena

Empress™ Lavender Verbena

Empress™ Peach Verbena

Empress™ Purple Verbena

Empress™ Violet Verbena

Empress™ Violet Blue Verbena

Empress™ White Verbena

Estrella Dark Purple Verbena

Homestead Purple Verbena

Variegated Periwinkle

Common Periwinkle

Bowles Periwinkle

Calla Lily


Silver Sage

Silver Sage


Golden Trumpet

Asparagus Fern

Cross Vine

Tangerine Beauty Cross Vine

Juanita Hatten Bougainvillea

Red Bougainvillea

Henryi Hybrid Clematis

Jackmanii Clematis

Ramona Clematis

Sunset Clematis

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Creeping Fig

Variegated Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig

Carolina Yellow Jessamine

Algerian Ivy

English Ivy

Thorndale Ivy

Star Jasmine

Climbing Jasmine

Yellow Honeysuckle

Trumpet Honeysuckle

Major Wheeler Coral Honeysuckle

Alice Du Pont Mandevilla

Red Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® Carmine King Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® Cream Pink Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® Crimson Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® Giant Crimson Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® Giant Pink Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® Giant Red Emperor Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® Pink Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® Pretty Pink Mandevilla

Sun Parasol® White Mandevilla

Evergreen Wisteria

Incense Passion Flower

Purple Passion Flower

Crimson Passion Flower

Asian Jasmine

Confederate Star-Jasmine

Madison Star-Jasmine

Muscadine Grape

Scuppernong Muscadine Grape

Amethyst Falls Wisteria


Southern Maidenhair Fern

Holly Fern

Austral Gem Bird's Nest Fern

Godzilla Giant Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern

Wavy Cloak Fern

Japanese Holly Fern

Japanese Holly Fern

Rabbit's Foot Fern

Autumn Fern

Brilliance Autumn Fern

Mexican Male Fern

Dixie Wood Fern

Lace Fern

Macho Giant Sword Fern

Kimberley Queen Australian Sword Fern

Staghorn Fern

Japanese Tassel Fern

Korean Rock Fern

Ornamental Grasses

Evergold Variegated Japanese Sedge

EverColor® Everillo Japanese Sedge

Ravenna Grass

Curly Wurly Corkscrew Rush

Blue Arrows Rush

Twisted Dart Rush

Maiden Grass

Adagio Maiden Grass

Zebra Grass

Pink Muhly Grass

Mexican Feather Grass

Dwarf Mondo Grass

Tuff Tuft Lavender Mondo Grass

Black Mondo Grass

Fountain Grass

Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass

Little Bunny Dwarf Fountain Grass

Princess Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass

Cherry Sparkler Fountain Grass

Fireworks Fountain Grass

Purple Fountain Grass





Lemon Grass


Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel

Lemon Balm

Citronella Lemon Balm

Curly Mint


Apple Mint

Ginger Mint


Chocolate Mint

Sweet Basil

Boxwood Basil

Dolce Fresca Basil

Genovese Basil

Genovese Compact Basil

Thai Basil

Red Rubin Basil

Siam Queen Basil

Spicy Globe Basil

Sweet Italian Basil

Thai Basil

Holy Basil

Lemon Basil

Greek Oregano


Golden Oregano

Greek Oregano

Italian Oregano


Curly Parsley

Italian Parsley


Arp Rosemary

Barbeque Rosemary

Huntington Carpet Rosemary

Trailing Rosemary

Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Upright Rosemary

Common Sage

Golden Sage

Berggarten Sage

Purple Sage

Tricolor Sage

Mexican Tarragon

Common Thyme

Lemon Thyme

Society Garlic



Clemson Spineless Okra




Cheddar Cauliflower

Snow Crown Cauliflower

Dinosaur Kale

Collard Greens

Toy Choi Pak Choi

Bok Choy

Sweet Pepper

Basket Of Fire Ornamental Pepper

Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper

Fish Ornamental Pepper

Jalapeno Pepper

Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper

Sangria Ornamental Pepper

Shishito Pepper

Burpless Hybrid Cucumber

Straight Eight Cucumber

Butternut Squash

Zucchini (Generic)

Black Beauty Zucchini

Dark Green Zucchini

Vegetable Spaghetti Squash

Straightneck Squash

Crookneck Squash

Acorn Squash


Buttercrunch Lettuce

Red Sails Leaf Lettuce

Parris Island Romaine Lettuce

Better Boy Tomato

Bush Early Girl Tomato

Celebrity Tomato

Juliet Tomato

Patio Tomato

Red Grape Tomato

San Marzano Tomato

SunSugar Tomato

Sweet 100 Tomato

Yellow Plum Tomato


Black Beauty Eggplant


Osaka Pink Ornamental Cabbage

Osaka Purple Ornamental Cabbage

Osaka Red Ornamental Cabbage

Glamour Red Kale

Redbor Kale

Scarletbor Kale

Aloha Blue Sky Calibrachoa

Aloha Canary Yellow Calibrachoa

Aloha Cherry Calibrachoa

Aloha Cranberry Calibrachoa

Aloha Dark Lavender Calibrachoa

Aloha Dark Red Calibrachoa

Aloha Fire Calibrachoa

Aloha Gold Calibrachoa

Aloha Hot Orange Calibrachoa

Aloha Hot Pink Calibrachoa

Aloha Kona Dark Lavender Calibrachoa

Aloha Kona Hot Orange Calibrachoa

Aloha Kona Midnight Blue Calibrachoa

Aloha Kona Midnight Purple Calibrachoa

Aloha Kona True Blue Calibrachoa

Aloha Kona White Calibrachoa

Aloha Nani Golden Girl Calibrachoa

Aloha Nani Midnight Blue Calibrachoa

Aloha Nani Pink Calibrachoa

Aloha Nani White Calibrachoa

Aloha Purple Sky Calibrachoa

Aloha Tiki Orange Calibrachoa

Aloha Tiki Soft Pink Calibrachoa

Superbells® White Calibrachoa

Callie® White Calibrachoa

Callie® Yellow Calibrachoa

Superbells® Grape Punch™ Calibrachoa

Noa® Mango Eye Calibrachoa

Superbells® Coralberry Punch Calibrachoa

Superbells® Double Rose Calibrachoa

Superbells® Saffron Calibrachoa

Superbells® Cherry Star Calibrachoa

Superbells® Yellow Chiffon™ Calibrachoa

Superbells® Blue Calibrachoa

Dragon's Breath Plumed Celosia

Senorita Blanca® Spiderflower

Senorita Rosalita® Spiderflower

Diamond Frost® Euphorbia

Glamour Euphorbia

Glitz Euphorbia

New Day Clear Orange Gazania

New Day Clear Pink Shades

New Day Clear Red Shades

New Day Red Stripe Shades

SunPatiens® Compact Orchid New Guinea Impatiens

SunPatiens® Compact Electric Orange New Guinea Impatiens

SunPatiens® Compact Lilac New Guinea Impatiens

SunPatiens® Compact Red New Guinea Impatiens

SunPatiens® Compact Royal Magenta New Guinea Impatiens

SunPatiens® Compact White New Guinea Impatiens

Blackie Sweet Potato Vine

Marguerite Sweet Potato Vine

Tricolor Sweet Potato Vine

Clear Crystal Lavender Shades Sweet Alyssum

Clear Crystal Purple Shades Sweet Alyssum

Clear Crystal White Sweet Alyssum


Crazytunia® Black Mamba Petunia

Crazytunia® Blackberry Mojito Petunia

Crazytunia® Blue Ice Petunia

Crazytunia® Cherry Cheesecake Petunia

Crazytunia® Knight Rider Petunia

Crazytunia® Star Jubilee Petunia

Crazytunia® Twilight Blue Petunia

Madness Blue Petunia

Madness Burgundy Petunia

Madness Lavender Double Petunia

Madness Lavender Glow Petunia

Madness Lilac Petunia

Madness Midnight Petunia

Madness Orchid Petunia

Madness Pink Petunia

Madness Pink Chiffon Petunia

Madness Plum Petunia

Madness Red Petunia

Madness Red and White Double Petunia

Madness Red Morn Petunia

Madness Rose Petunia

Madness Rose And White Double Petunia

Madness Rose Morn Petunia

Madness Sheer Double Petunia

Madness Simply Petunia

Madness Spring Petunia

Madness Sugar Petunia

Madness White Petunia

Madness Yellow Petunia

Pretty Grand Midnight Petunia

Pretty Grand Red Petunia

Shock Wave Deep Purple Petunia

Shock Wave Pink Vein Petunia

Surfinia® Giant Blue Petunia

Taishan Orange Marigold

Taishan Yellow Marigold

Durango Bee Marigold

Durango Bolero Marigold

Durango Flame Marigold

Durango Gold Marigold

Durango Orange Marigold

Durango Tangerine Marigold

Durango Yellow Marigold

Kauai™ Deep Blue Torenia

Dreamland Pink Zinnia

Dreamland Scarlet Zinnia

Magellan Cherry Zinnia

Magellan Coral Zinnia

Magellan Ivory Zinnia

Magellan Lilliput Mix Zinnia

Magellan Orange Zinnia

Magellan Salmon Zinnia

Profusion Cherry Zinnia

Profusion Coral Pink Zinnia

Profusion Deep Apricot Zinnia

Profusion Double Cherry Zinnia

Profusion Double Fire Zinnia

Profusion Double Golden Zinnia

Profusion Double Hot Cherry Zinnia

Profusion Double White Zinnia

Profusion Double Yellow Zinnia

Profusion Fire Zinnia

Profusion Orange Zinnia

Profusion White Zinnia

Profusion Yellow Zinnia

Zahara® Cherry Zinnia

Zahara® Double Fire Zinnia

Zahara® Double Salmon Rose Zinnia

Zahara® Double Strawberry Zinnia

Zahara® Double White Zinnia

Zahara® Fire Zinnia

Zahara® Scarlet Zinnia

Zahara® Starlight Rose Zinnia

Zahara® Sunburst Zinnia

Zahara® White Zinnia

Zahara® Yellow Zinnia


Cayman Wind Hibiscus

Mandarin Wind Hibiscus

Sunny Wind Hibiscus

Tortuga Wind Hibiscus

Money Tree

Xanadu Philodendron

Golden Hahnii Snake Plant

Moonshine Silver Snake Plant

White Bird Of Paradise

Orange Bird Of Paradise


Kiwi Aeonium

Blue Glow Agave

Silver Bay Chinese Evergreen

Borneo Giant Elephant's Ear

Aloe Vera

Sprengeri Asparagus Fern

Foxtail Fern

Hosoba Hoshifu Aucuba

Pony Tail Palm

Candyland Caladium

Elephant's Ear

Medallion Rose Painted Calathea

Fishtail Palm

Key Lime

Satsuma Mandarin Orange

Meyer Lemon

Petra Variegated Croton

Red Sister Hawaiian Ti Plant

Silver Dollar Plant

Campfire Crassula

Airplane Plant

Jade Plant

Hobbit Jade Plant

Miniature Pine Tree


Black Prince Echeveria

Blue Curls Echeveria

Perle Von Nurnberg Echeveria

Painted Echeveria

Topsy Turvy Echeveria

Mexican Fire Cracker

Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden Pothos

Crown Of Thorns

Japanese Fatsia

Rubber Tree

Burgundy Rubber Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Creeping Fig

Radicans Miniature Gardenia

Algerian Ivy

Thorndale Ivy

Cayman Wind Hibiscus

Mandarin Wind Hibiscus

Sunny Wind Hibiscus

Tradewinds™ Tortuga Wind Hibiscus

Blushing Bride® Hydrangea

Dear Dolores™ Hydrangea

Maui Ixora

Shrimp Plant

Fantastic Variegated Paddle Plant

Paddle Plant

Flapjacks Kalanchoe

Chocolate Soldier Panda Plant

Panda Plant

Alice Du Pont Mandevilla

Red Mandevilla

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Boston Fern

Kimberley Queen Australian Sword Fern

Hardy Red Oleander

Purple Shamrock

Purple Shamrock

Madagascar Palm

Golden Shrimp Plant

Xanadu Philodendron

Tree Philodendron

Pygmy Date Palm

Mojo® Dwarf Mock Orange

Staghorn Fern

Mona Lavender Swedish Ivy

Majesty Palm

Lady Palm

Encore® Autumn Royalty™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Cheer™ Azalea

Katie Dwarf Mexican Petunia

Snake Plant

Golden Hahnii Snake Plant

Striped Snake Plant

Ceylon Bowstring Hemp

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Jelly Bean Plant

Carmen Hens And Chicks

Commander Hay Hens And Chicks

Kalinda Hens And Chicks

Red Beauty Hens And Chicks

Royal Ruby Hens And Chicks

Silverine Hens And Chicks

String Of Pearls

Peace Lily

Confederate Star-Jasmine

Madison Star-Jasmine


Spanish Bayonet (tree form)


Dwarf Cavendish Banana

Japanese Banana